Ariane Aumaitre

I am a PhD researcher in the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the European University Institute in Florence, where I work on welfare state sustainability and reform from an inter-generational perspective.

I haven’t always been a political scientist: I graduated in Tourism Management in 2012. After that, I lived in Paris for three years, where I worked as an account manager in the tourism sector and deeply fell in love with the city.

Driven by my interest in politics, economics and international affairs, I left my job in 2015 and decided to go back to university: I then moved to Maastricht, where I studied a pre-master degree in European Studies. I then got a scholarship for the College of Europe in Bruges, where I obtained my MA in European Public Policy Analysis and later worked for a year as an Academic Assistant in the European Political and Governance Studies Department.

My main research interest is the intersection between female labor market participation, the sustainability of welfare states and equality of opportunities in post-industrial societies. In the area of EU studies I have previously carried out research on European integration theories and the politics and policies of the Economic and Monetary Union.

In my free time, I love travelling, taking pictures with my camera, attending cycling races, spending time with my family and cats, watching Grey’s Anatomy, listening to Taylor Swift and reading Ronald Dworkin, Susan Okin or Andrew Moravcsik.

You can find my publications here, as well as articles on newspapers and online media here.

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