Ariane Aumaitre

I am a PhD researcher in the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the European University Institute in Florence, where I work on welfare state sustainability from a generational perspective.

In my research, I study the micro foundations of welfare state change in a post-industrial context, with the aim of developing a better conceptualization and measurement of this phenomenon. For this, I work with household income surveys from the last three to four decades that allow me to have a better sense of cross-country and time variation in citizens’ needs, risks and living conditions.

Driven by my work with large household surveys, I have developed an increasing interest in data science. Surveys are often too large, hard to compare across countries, and require computational skills to work with them. I enjoy spending time coding in R and can spend countless hours in data visualization projects. You can find more about this kind of projects on my GitHub (ever wanted to find out how Taylor Swifts songs are related to one another?).

Before being a welfare state researcher, I focused on EU studies for a while, first in Maastricht University and then at the College of Europe in Bruges, where I obtained my MA in European Public Policy Analysis and later worked as an Academic Assistant. I have previously carried out research on European integration theories and the politics and policies of the Economic and Monetary Union.

In my free time, you can probably find me travelling, taking pictures with my camera, attending cycling races, spending time with my family and cats, watching Grey’s Anatomy, listening to Taylor Swift or reading books by Sophie Kinsella.

You can find my publications here, as well as articles on newspapers and online media here.

Feel free to say hi in Twitter or just send me an email.